A house concert is literally a concert in your living room, or your backyard. 

These are happening more and more frequently across the country as artists find that 25 to 50 people can fit into a living room quite comfortably. It is a great format where both audience and artist alike get to experience an intimate concert with plenty of opportunity to connect and mingle. I love this setting. Inviting friends to our home for some wine and piano music is how I found my way back to performing for an audience. 

Your event can either be just a concert, or you may choose to provide appetizers and/or drinks for mingling before and after the concert. The options are really wide open depending on how you would like to host it. 

The two main things I would need are: 

  1. An Audience (your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, etc.)

  2. A Venue (your living room or garden with seating)

I would be providing:

  1. A piano concert with original compositions, some classical music, and covers. (2 sets of approx. 45 mins)

  2. A full size keyboard and speakers for a garden concert or if you don’t have a piano inside.

I appreciate the opportunity to perform and share my music with new listeners. 

The suggested donation is $20 per person.

For questions please contact: Philip Howard